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Áine Cole is the pen name of co-authors Lori Áine Bennett and Nicole Aileen Dickinson.


             Unlocked is the working title of a literary project that we began in our New York City apartment in 2008. Over the years, it has developed into the literary expression of who we are and our belief that there is a bit of magic alive in the everyday, ordinary world. We see Unlocked growing into a mutli-volume series, but for now we are focusing on book one.


             Our passion for this story led us to make an unprecedented move. We want so badly to share Unlocked with you that we have decided to release sections of the book on our website for you to enjoy. Read here and if you love it - and we feel certain that you will - click here to sign up for email updates and exclusives about the story!


Lori Áine Bennett 












I am a dreamer, an idealist, a workaholic and an explorer. I'm passionate about a lot of things, and I'm proud to call myself a nerd. Formally, I've studied molecular biology, literature, langauges, cultures, singing, dancing and the law at - in no particular order - Princeton Unviersity, NUI Galway, Trinity College Dublin, and Fordham Law. While I've loved each course for different reasons, I've never felt as alive as when I'm telling this story.


Nicole Aileen Dickinson

Éire has always captivated me. Before I ever stepped on her soil, I felt her draw. Now that Lori and I are so often emersed in the culture, liteature, music and history of Ireland, it has become an integral part of who we are.  Officially, I am an educator. When I'm not teaching music to our future generations or writing novels, I am an avid traveller, performer, artist...oh, and I have a flair for the dramatic.


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