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Purveyors of Warm, Fuzzy Happiness

As we move later into autumn and toward the holiday season, we get nostalgic about being in Dublin during this time of year, even though the weather can be less than ideal. The daylight hours are surprisingly short to the unsuspecting American in Dublin during the holidays, and there is no escaping the bone chilling nature of the cold there. It's different than the type of cold we are used to in the U.S. The jet stream brings moist air to Ireland from further south in the Atlantic and, as a consequence, Dublin’s temperatures never plummet the way they do in New York or Chicago. So logic would dictate that it would not be that cold there, right? The answer is unequivocally no. Even though the mercury may rarely dip below freezing, the constant moisture and average temperatures in the 40 degree F range create a recipe for an unforgiving and at times unshakable cold.

What can one do to warm oneself in the face of such core penetrating cold, you ask? To find the answer, look no further than Butlers Chocolate Cafe. These delightful cafes are sprinkled throughout Dublin, but the most centrally located are on Grafton and Nassau Streets. Once there, you can grab a cup of the most delicious hot chocolate you have ever tasted. This rich hot chocolate fills you with warmth even on the coldest and wettest of days.

Butlers was started in 1932 by Marion Butler as Chez Nous Chocolates on Lad Lane.

Butlers storefront AineCole.com_edited.jpg

Over the years, the Irish chocolatier has grown to over 25 store fronts all over the world, including Dublin, Galway, Cork, New Zealand, Pakistan, and its newest location in the UAE. In addition to chocolates, some fabulous baked goods, and the amazing hot chocolate, one can also take the Ultimate Chocolate Experience Tour (Tickets €12.85 each) in the Clonshaugh Business Park, just 6 Km from Dublin City Centre.

If you are visiting Dublin in the near future and interested in the tour, click here for tickets. If you won't be in Dublin or one of the other Butlers locations any time soon, you can purchase their products via their online shop here. Perfect if you are missing their chocolatey goodness from afar, as we so often do! The flat rate shipping they offer is a bit steep to the U.S. and Canada at $33.65 per order via FedEx, but they do accept PayPal.

The next time you are in Dublin, be sure to stop by Butlers no matter what time of year you are there. As their motto says, they are in fact "Purveyors of Happiness," and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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